Ballroom dance, I love it!

Ballroom dance, I love it!

Everyone who likes to change something for himself!

There is yoB slow down for everybody: young, old, fit, stressed, handicapped, unhappy…………!

yoB B&L-Dance is a little bit faster, with ballroom and latin dance steps for your fitness and relaxations.

In the future I plan to offer these groups:

  • yoB for children and their parents
  • yoB for children from 4 to 6, 7 to 10, 11 to 13
  • and for teenager (boys and girlsseparated)
  • yoB slow down and B&L-Dance for sportsmen and sportswomen
  • yoB for elderly people
  • yoB for handicapped people
  • yoB for physically hard working people
  • yoB for rider
  • yoB for golfer

I also offer this work now as individual sessions or in small groups up to three people at your home or in your holiday cottage.

I would really like to come to your sports club or to your worksite/business for extra yoB training or as a plus for your lunch time.