! ! NEW at the 4 REAL Dance & C4 Studio, 58 Stennack Road, St. Austell PL25 5JN

* Mums & Toddlers

Friday  (starts on the 03.11.20117)

10:15 – 11:00 am

A mix of YOGA, simple dance & moves, meditation-storys & more

between mum, dad, grandparents or carers and the toddler

Charge: £ 5,- (buy 5 for £ 20,- )


Friday (starts on the 03.11.20117)

11:00 – 11:45 am

Charge: £ 4 (buy 5 for £ 15,-)

Do you have a project with a new hip, new knees, headache, rheumatism, in your neck, arthritis/osteoarthritis, sleeping projects, depression or you have had a stroke?

Or do you want to get back to sport, you have the feeling you need to do something for yourself? Then come and enjoy our class!

A mix of YOGA, simple dance & moves, meditation & more on a chair & with a chair!

  • For both casses please wear loose, warm + comfortable clothing, non-skid socks


* Your own BALANCE ind the water – pool

A mix of YOGA, simple dance & moves, meditation & more!

Suitable for all ages and abilities!

5 weeks blocks from 19:15 – 20:45 pm:

08.01. – 05.02. 2018 (last day of booking 02.01.18)

19.02. – 19.03. 2018 (last day of booking 12.02.18)

PLUS 1 date after all blocks for missed sessions!!!

Per block £ 60 (book 2 blocks for £110)

Single booking £ 13 (last time of booking 6 pm two days before)

! Bookings: http://www.heimke-moll.co.uk/shop


In your holidays or to try yoB !

I also offer individual lessons !

Charge: £ 15 for the first person and £ 5 for person two and three.

Would you take my help in your holiday in claim cobinationen from yoB and my healing work are possible. The price is then agreed on, depending on what they want.

For more infos about my art of healing see my internetside:


Book me for your sports club or worksite/business for extra yoB training or as a plus for your lunch time.

Prices on request.