My Mum and me are training our own BALANCE!

My Mum and me are training our own BALANCE!

As a little girl i liked to run, swim, go by bike and play outside. Balance was a normal part of my childhood.

With seven years I started to do Judo and Ballet, this was the time where I found my love to any type of dance. With 13 years I started to do Tournament Standard and Latin Dance (Ballroom dance) and I really enjoyed to do it for the next 15 years (with some small breaks).

On my way of working with humans and animals with natural help I started to learn YOGA and Meditation. After the termination of my training I ran YOGA classes for children from 6 to 10 for four years. I loved to see how the children trained their balance and how it changed their well-being. In my last year in Germany I worked in a health clinic for chronic diseases.

In the work with these humans I learned a lot about the level of feeling well in finding the individual way of motion. I experienced that a man with chronic asthma, who couldn’t even find his balance when moving slowly forward step by step, can learn this within four weeks (6 hours) and can get so much better after doing it every day at home. It was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen on my way with YOGA and healing. And I learned how important balance is for our body and soul.

After moving to Cornwall I thought about my future as a YOGA teacher and I learned that there are a lot of YOGA classes around.

So I felt I need to do something new and I put all my skills and experiences about YOGA, Meditation, Jin Shin Jyutsu, balance, movement and dancing together and I started my first group *your own BALANCE*.

People liked it from the very beginning and I really enjoy my work!

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